National genetic improvement programmes in the United States beef industry (Review)

Author: L.L. Benyshek and J.K. Bertrand
Year: 1990
Issue: 3
Volume: 20
Page: 103 - 109

There are at least 15 breeds of beef cattle in the United States which have or are in the process of developing national genetic evaluation programmes. These 15 breeds represent over 600000 new registrations each year. The commercial cattle industry is accepting, in fact, demanding estimates of genetic values on yearling bulls. Single and multiple analyses are being conducted depending on the breeds and traits evaluated. Models account for maternal ability for those traits maternally influenced; however, the major emphasis is on growth. There is considerable interest in developing evaluations for carcass characteristics. Generally, the theory of mixed linear models for genetic evaluation is finding widespread application in the United States beef cattle industry.



Keywords: beef cattle, genetic evaluation, mixed model methodololgy
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