Onbehandelde, natriumhidroksied- en formaldehiedbehandelde vMproefgraansorghum as energiebron in die diete van braaikuikens

Author: G.M. Schutte and G.A. Smith
Year: 1991
Issue: 3
Volume: 21
Page: 115 - 119

Untreated, sodium hydroxide- and formaldehyde-treated birdproof grain sorghum as energy source in broiler diets: A comparative study was undertaken with broilers to evaluate the nutritional value of sodium hydroxide (NaOH)- and formaldehyde(HCHO)-treated birdproof sorghum as the primary energy source in the diet. It was established that tannic acid in the birdproof sorghum could be effectively destroyed by NaOH and HCHO treatments. The live mass-gain of the birds up to 21 days of age was improved by 12% and 9% respectively by the NaOH and HCHO treatments. Feed efficiency in both treatments was improved by 7%, despite the fact that both treatments caused amino acid damage. The optimum treatment level is thus delicately positioned between the destruction of the tannic acid and the damage done to the amino acid.



Keywords: Birdproof sorghum, broilers, HCHO treatment, high tannin sorghum, NaOH treatment
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