Ovine wet carcass syndrome of unknown aetiology

Author: R.M. Brock, J.P.J. Joubert, A. Hattingh, G. Mitchell, S.J. Newsholme, R.R. van der Veen, H.S. Hofmeyr, E.A.N. Engels, H.B. Groenewald and P. Hunter
Year: 1983
Issue: 3
Volume: 13
Page: 194 - 195

A condition of unknown aetiology, known as ‘the wet sheep carcass syndrome’ has led to the loss of about R500 000 as a result of the condemnation and trimming of carcasses, during the past 2 years. An affected carcass has a shiny, wet appearance due to the accumulation of watery fluid in subcutaneous tissues over the buttocks, sides and flanks. It cannot be diagnosed in the live animal.


Keywords: non-inflammatory, Ovine, unknown aetiology, wet carcass
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