Proteïenbronne in die rantsoene van groeiende varke 1. ‘n Vergelyking tussen vismeel en verhitte volvet sojaboonmeel

Author: G.A. Smith, E.H. Kemm & M.N. Ras
Year: 1974
Issue: 1
Volume: 4
Page: 31 - 37

Protein sources in the diets of growing pigs. 1. A comparison between fish meal and heated full-fat soyabean meal

Two trials, one with porkers and one with baconers were conducted to determine the influence of heated full-fat soyabean meal as protein source on their growth, feed utilization, carcass development and fat refraction-index values. The results indicated that it is possible to substitute fish meal as protein source, on a biological base, with soyabean meal in diets with equivalent protein and energy levels.

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