Qualitative versus quantitative feed restriction in Pekin breeder ducks during the rearing period

Author: M.D. Olver
Year: 1984
Issue: 2
Volume: 14
Page: 75 - 78

Four male and 16 female eight-week old Pekin breeder ducks per pen were randomly allocated to nine deep-litter pens to compare the effects of qualitative (0,35% lysine) and quantitative (60% of a group fed ad lib) feed restriction during the rearing period with a control group fed a conventional diet fed ad lib on subsequent reproductive performance. At the end of the rearing period a pelleted commercial duck breeding diet was fed ad lib to all groups until the end of the experiment at 60 weeks. Significant differences (P 0,05)were observed between treatments with regard to 20 weeks body mass, feed consumption from 8 – 20 weeks, number of days to sexual maturity (50% production) and fertility of incubated eggs. No significant differences were found between treatments with regard to 60 week body mass, feed consumption from 20 to 60 weeks, egg numbers, average egg mass, percentage egg sizes, peak production, terminal production, hatchability of fertile eggs or laying house mortality.


Keywords: : Qualitative feed restriction, Pekin breeder ducks, quantitative feed restriction, rearing period, reproductive performance
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