Relatiewe ekonomiese belangrikheid en oorerflikheid van sekere eienskappe van bruin karakoelpelse

Author: D.J. Gouws
Year: 1974
Issue: 2
Volume: 4
Page: 209 - 212

Relative economic importance and heritability of certain characteristics of brown Karakul pelts:

The economic values of certain characteristics of brown Karakul pelts were compared. In addition these values were considered in relation to certain problems in the breeding of some of the brown shades. It is shown that curl type, pattern, hair quality and degree of tinting are the most important determinants of pelt price while colour intensity makes a contribution only within a specific colour shade. However, since (a) the occurrence of tinting together with shallow curl or watersilk curl type leads to price levels of more than 30 per cent in excess of those of better grades of pattern and hair quality and (b) the heritability of curl type is relatively higher while the degree of tinting does not differ from that of pattern and hair quality (as estimated by other researchers), it is recommended that an increase in the occurrence of tinting and a reduction in curl development should be given priority in the setting up of a breeding policy for brown pelts. There is also some indication that chocolate-brown shades tend to have a more developed curl type and longer hair and that the occurrence of silver tinting, in contrast to gold tinting, tends to aggravate the problem.

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