Relationship between climatic factors and the diet selected by ruminants on Karoo veld (Short communication)

Author: P.J.L. Zeeman & A.J. Fourie
Year: 1984
Issue: 4
Volume: 14
Page: 178 - 180

Diet selection and intake by cattle, goats and sheep was related to climatic factors by principal-component analysis. Digestibility of selected material and digestible organic matter intake per metabolic size (DOMI/kg W0.75) were significantly correlated to a principal component combining rainfall, and minimum and maximum temperature which described 49,3% of climate-factor variation. The selection pattern of cattle was more closely related to this principal component than the pattern in goats and sheep. This was ascribed to a more precise diet selection ability by small stock.



Keywords: Climate, diet selection, Karoo veld, ruminants
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