Relationship between nitrogen and other chemical components in kikuyu grass from long-established pastures (Short communication)

Author: J.P. Marais
Year: 1990
Issue: 3
Volume: 20
Page: 147 - 151

The relationship between nitrogen and other components in kikuyu grass (Pennisetum clandestinum) from long-established pastures was investigated. Leaf material, when compared to stem tissue, was higher in total organic nitrogen and protein content, but lower in non-protein organic nitrogen, nitrate, potassium, lignin, and non-structural carbohydrates. The in vitro digestibility of leaf material was higher than that of the stem. A high nitrogen content was associated with high protein and low lignin contents, which favours digestibility. However, it was also associated with a high nitrate content which tended to reduce the digestibility in vitro. The conditions under which the nutritional value is optimized without unduly sacrificing yield, should urgently be investigated.


Keywords: chemical composition, digestibility in vitro, Kikuyu, nitrogen content
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