Relationship between performance measurements and sale price of Dorper rams in the Northern Cape Veld-Ram Club

Author: P.J. Fourie, F.W.C. Neser and C. van der Westhuizen
Year: 2000
Issue: 2
Volume: 30
Page: 128 - 132

The sale prices of 1 609 Dorper rams sold between 1990 and 1999 were compared with their measured performances. An analysis of variance was carried out in order to determine which variables influenced sale price. The most importance factors were classification (stud vs. commercial), auction weight and coat type (hair, wool or a mixture). Buyers seem to show a preference for animals with hair and a mixture of hair and wool over those with predominantly woollen coats. Buyers recognise the importance of performance data in the selection of breeding rams.

Keywords: breeding, Dorper, performance testing, sheep
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