Relationships between the water solubility of roughage dry matter and certain chemical characteristics (Short Communication)

Author: J.W. Cilliers and H.J. Cilliers
Year: 1995
Issue: 4
Volume: 25
Page: 132 - 133

The relationships (during summer) between the water solubility of Cymbopogon-Themeda veld grass, Digitaria eriantha (finger grass) and Medicago sativa (lucerne) and their respective contents of crude protein (CP), acid-detergent fibre (ADF) and neutral-detergent fibre (NDF) were determined in samples which were collected from oesophageally fistulated steers. Highly significant (P < 0.001) linear relationships were described in all cases. Separate relationships were described for the three different herbages.

Keywords: chemical com¬ponents, grasses, lucerne, Relationships, water solubility
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