Seasonal variations in scrotal circumference and semen characteristics of Naimi and Najdi rams in Saudi Arabia (Short communication)

Author: Y. Al-Anazi, M. G. Al-Mutary, M. Al-Ghadi, M. M. Alfuraiji, A. R. Al-himaidi & A. Ammari
Year: 2017
Issue: 4
Volume: 47
Page: 454 - 459

In the present study, the authors analysed the effects of seasonal variations on the scrotal circumference and semen characteristics in two  ram breeds in Saudi Arabia, namely Naimi and Najdi. Five rams of each breed were used in this experiment. Scrotal circumference and semen characteristics were evaluated in each ram twice a month throughout the year. Significant differences were observed in the scrotal circumference between various seasons. The largest production of semen was recorded mainly in spring, whereas the lowest semen volume was produced in summer. The pH of the semen was slightly alkaline and significantly lower in autumn than in spring. Furthermore, the highest value of the total number of sperm per ejaculate was observed in spring for both breeds. The results indicated that mass motility increased significantly in autumn compared with winter, spring, and summer. Progressive motility was significantly lower during the months of summer and spring. However, no significant differences were recorded between autumn and winter. Hence, the presence of significant seasonal variations in semen quantity and quality of Naimi and Najdi rams suggests the viability of increased utilization of rams in spring and autumn for semen collection and reproductive practices.

Keywords: Mass motility, progressive motility, semen volume, sperm concentration
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