Sire breed and breed genotype of dam effects in crossbreeding beef cattle in the subtropics 2. Calving interval and cow producti

Author: J.G.E. van Zyl, S.J. Schoeman and R.J. Coertze
Year: 1992
Issue: 5
Volume: 22
Page: 166 - 169

The influence of sire breed and breed genotype of dam on calving interval (CI) and cow productivity (CP) in Afrikaner, Hereford, Simmentaler and Bonsmara cattle, as well as in Fl, and two- and three breed rotational crosses between Afrikaner, Hereford and Simmentaler were investigated. Cows bred to Afrikaner and Bonsmara bulls exhibited longer (P < 0.05) calving intervals than cows bred to Hereford and Simmentaler bulls. Cows bred to Afrikaner bulls were less (P < 0.05) productive than cows bred to other Bos taurus sires. An increase in proportion Afrikaner breeding in dam resulted in longer calving intervals and a decline in cow productivity, but these differences were not always significant. A breeding strategy for the retainment of superior performance is discussed.


Keywords: calving interval, crossbreeding, dam breed genotype, productivity, sire breed
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