Structural assessment of backcrossing using microsatellite markers (Short communication)

Author: N.O.M. Tshipuliso, L.J. Alexander, A. Kotze, K. Ehlers, V.L. Reisenauer Leesburg and M.D. MacNeil
Year: 2008
Issue: 4
Volume: 38
Page: 290 - 292

Backcrossing, coupled with marker or gene assisted selection, can be used to introgress a specific gene or chromosomal region from one population into another. The objective of this study was to assess the genomic structure of cattle produced by backcrossing for loci that are unlinked to a locus that was being introgressed. Genotypes of the two parental populations, their F1 progeny, and two subsequent backcross generations of animals were determined at 34 microsatellite loci that were not linked to a locus being introgressed. There was little evidence to suggest any systematic genome-wide departure from pedigree derived expectation as a result of the breeding system. These data validate the desired intention of a backcrossing program that progressive generations migrate genotypically toward one of the parental type.

Keywords: Backcross, breeding system, genetic markers, introgression
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