Supplementation of dairy weaners grazing tropical pastures

Author: R.J. Moss, G.D. Chopping & P.N. Thurbon
Year: 1983
Issue: 1
Volume: 13
Page: 6 - 7

Experiments were carried out to determine the potential of tropical pastures for growth of dairy replacement heifers, and to assess the need for supplementation of growing animals grazing these pastures. Grain supplementation (1,4 kg maize/head/day) increased ADG to 0,62; 0,56 and 0,51 kg/day at stocking rates of 7,4; 9,9 and 12,4 heifers/ha, respectively. Growth rates of the Friesian heifers were equivalent for animals fed either maize or molasses at equivalent DM levels. Protein supplementation also had beneficial effects on live weight gains of calves.

Keywords: : Dairy replacements, growth of dairy replacements, stocking rate, supplements, tropical pastures, weaners
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