Supplementing sheep with protein and phosphorus on native pasture of the central Orange Free State. 1. Diet composition, digesti

Author: H.O. de Waal. E.A.N. Engels and F.J. van der Merwe
Year: 1980
Issue: 2
Volume: 10
Page: 203 - 208

The influence of supplementary protein and phosphorus to Dorper and Merino wethers on native pasture was investigated over a period of one year. The supplements were provided by 2 different methods namely as a lick or at a constant daily level via rumen cannulae. Some of the observed differences in diet composition, digestibility and rumen NH3 concentration between the different treatments and breeds, were statistically significant (P ≤0,05). No definite trend due to any of the treatments could be found. Diet composition, digestibility and rumen NH3 concentration followed a seasonal trend in which rainfall played a dominant part.

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