The effect of age, frontal skinfold development and season on libido and mating dexterity in Merino rams

Author: H.J. van der Merwe, J.B. van Wyk & S.C. Slippers
Year: 1984
Issue: 1
Volume: 14
Page: 26 - 28

The mating ability of 541 Merino rams from 19 different producers in the area surrounding Bloemfontein was investigated. About 23 % of the rams were not able to mate successfully with a ewe in oestrus. This figure is a combination of 7,3% rams showing no heterosexual sex interest and 15,8 % that were unable to mate successfully with an oestrous ewe within ten minutes. Age, season and frontal skinfold development did not significantly effect (P 0,05) the mating ability of the rams.



Keywords: libido, mating dexterity, Merino rams
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