The effect of histological processing on sheep skin samples (Short communication)

Author: O. Steinhagen & A.E.J. Bredenhann
Year: 1987
Issue: 3
Volume: 17
Page: 151 - 152



An experiment was undertaken to determine the amount of surface area shrinkage and its effect on follicle density estimations in sheep skin samples. Two methods were compared, namely the traditional formalin fixation, dehydration and wax-embedding technique as compared to the sectioning of fresh frozen skin samples with a cryostat. Surface area diminished by 20% and 21% after progressing with the two methods respectively. Significant differences were obtained in follicle densities (53,00/mm2 and 44,06/mm2 for the two techniques respectively).



Keywords: follicle density, Histology, sheep skin, Shrinkage
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