The effects of storage temperature and position on embryonic mortality of ostrich (Struthio camelus) eggs

Author: U. Sahan, A. Ipek and B. Yilmaz
Year: 2003
Issue: 1
Volume: 33
Page: 38 - 42

The present study was carried out with the aim of determining the effects of storage temperature and storage position on embryonic mortalities of ostrich eggs. A total of 229 ostrich eggs was collected from two commercial ostrich farms. The effects of storage temperature on embryonic mortality differed. Embryonic deaths (totaled for early, medium and late incubation) were determined at respectively 28.6, 32.0, 42.9% in groups of eggs stored for 7 days at 16 °C, 21 °C and 25 °C immediately after collection. Embryonic mortality was not affected by storing eggs for one week at 16 °C in either the vertical position (with the air cell at the top or the aircell at the bottom) or the horizontal position. The percentage of embryonic mortalities were 25.8, 26.7, 24.1 % for the different storage positions, respectively. These results indicate that ostrich eggs must be stored at 21 °C or below after collection to maximise the hatchability. Embryonic deaths were not affected by storing position.

Keywords: incubation, Ostrich, pre- incubation storage conditions
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