The evaluation and standardisation of pig rations under South African conditions: 1. A chemical and biological evaluation of a s

Author: E.H. Kemm, PJ.S. Pieterse, M. Griessel and P.A. Mammes
Year: 1971
Issue: 1
Volume: 1
Page: 1 - 7

Two experiments were conducted (1) to evaluate a standard pig ration by complete analysis of the ration and its ingredients with the aid of chemical analyses and a metabolism trial and (2) to investigate the biological utilization of the ration by determining the growth, feed utilization and carcass composition of pigs fed the abovementioned ration, with the object of using the results in laying down preliminary nutrient requirements for pigs. Except for the lysine content of the fish meal and the general amino acid pattern of the wheaten bran used the chemical composition of the ration and ration constituents compared favourably with that of other workers and with the accepted standards for a similar ration. Favourable growth, feed conversion and carcass composition were obtained with baconers fed the standard ration. The information gained in the evaluation of the ration, composed of locally available ingredients, could be used as a basis for laying down nutrient requirements for pigs under South African conditions.

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