The influence of outliers on a model for the estimation of crossbreeding parameters for weaning weight in a beef cattle herd

Author: M.A. Aziz, S.J. Schoeman, and G.F. Jordaan
Year: 2002
Issue: 3
Volume: 32
Page: 164 - 170

Data on 17348 weaning weight records from a beef cattle crossbreeding operation were used to determine the effect of outliers on regression coefficients. Different criteria were used for detecting potential influential points. Eliminating a small number (932 or 5.4 %) influential points resulted in the improvement of the model fitted. R2 values increased from 41 % to 49 % while the mean square error was reduced from 672.9 to 500.4. The use of diagnostic statistics for detecting influential observations is recommended before any analysis is performed.

Keywords: beef cattle, crossbreeding, genetic effects, outliers
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