The influence of slaughter technique and histological treatment on muscle fibre diameter of low and high pH1 pork muscle

Author: J.H. Dreyer, R.T. Naudé and P.J. Gouws
Year: 1972
Issue: 2
Volume: 2
Page: 109 - 112

An experiment was conducted to assess the effect of two slaughter methods and three methods of muscle fixation on the microstructure of pig muscle. The muscle from the pigs stunned with a captive bolt had a much lower average pH 1 (5,50) than the unstunned pigs (6,70). Statistically significant differences in fibre diameter due to method of slaughter and method of fixation were recorded. “Giant fibres” as described by Cassens, Cooper & Briskey (1969) were found in muscle samples taken from pigs slaughtered by both methods.


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