The influence of the dressing procedure on the (mesophilic) bacterial population of baconer carcass surfaces

Author: G.L. Nortje, D. Visser, W.H. Holzapfel and R.T. Naude
Year: 1979
Issue: 2
Volume: 9
Page: 53 - 57

In a survey at a bacon factory agar sausage samples were taken from three carcass sites of each of 50 pigs at different positions along the dressing line. It was found that despite a very high initial bacterial count, the singeing process reduced this to an acceptable level of less than 100 organisms cm-2. Although intermediate handling and consequent contamination took place along the dressing lines, the final chilling process rendered carcasses with acceptable bacterial levels.

Keywords: bacteria. bacon carcass, Dressing procedure
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