The nutritive value of the leaves and pods of Acacia tortilis (Short communication)

Author: T.J. Dugmore & J.H. du Toit
Year: 1988
Issue: 1
Volume: 18
Page: 53 - 54



Acacia tortilis twigs with leaves or seedpods, from the Tugela valley, were milled and fed to five two-tooth wethers for 6 days in separate digestion trials, after a suitable adaptation period. The twigs with leaves contained 10,8% CP and 45 TDN on a DM basis. The seedpods contained 15,8% CP and 59 TDN on a DM basis. The DM intakes for the twigs with leaves were 1,34%, and for the seedpods 1,40% of body mass. Live mass losses were recorded on both the twigs with leaves (-194 g/day) and seedpods (-125 g/day) indicating that Acacia twigs with leaves or seedpods alone cannot sustain sheep.



Keywords: Acacia tortilis, Nutritive value, sheep
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