The protein dispersibility index in the quality control of heat-treated full-fat soybeans: an inter-laboratory study

Author: D. Palić, K.Y. Modika, A. Oelofse, L. Morey & S.E. Coetzee
Year: 2011
Issue: 4
Volume: 41
Page: 413 - 419

There are a number of laboratory methods that could be used to estimate the adequacy of full-fat soybean (FFSB) heat treatment. The protein despersibility index (PDI) has been claimed to have the most constant response to the heating of FFSBs. In this study, the PDI method has been subjected to an inter-laboratory test, including the participation of eight laboratories. Seven FFSB samples were processed by dry extrusion at temperatures ranging from 110 to 164 °C and analysed on the PDI. Processed FFSB samples were also assessed in a growth trial of broilers. The analysis of the FFSBs by the PDI method generated adequately-processed FFSB values of between 8.49% and 10.3%. Values above 10.3% described under-processed and below 8.49% over-processed FFSBs. The PDI method generated a good repeatability limit of 2.1%, but the reproducibility limit (7.73%) was too wide when taking into account the narrow range (8.5 – 10.3%) for adequately heat-treated FFSBs. Despite its simplicity and initial indications that it might be the best indicator of FFSB heat treatment, the PDI method did not prove that in this inter-laboratory study.

Keywords: broilers, extrusion, processing, Repeatability, reproducibility
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