The use of urea by lactating dairy cows when fed maize silage

Author: T.J. Dugmore, R.M. Bredon & K.P. Walsh
Year: 1986
Issue: 2
Volume: 16
Page: 87 - 89



Maize silage is relatively high in energy but low in protein for the normal lactational requirements of dairy cows. Three trials were conducted to compare the use of urea as opposed to natural protein supplements in balancing the supply of energy and protein in maize silage for lactational requirements. Concentrates containing natural protein only were supplemented to meet the nutrient requirements above that supplied by the silage. Seventy-four Friesian cows between 8 and 14 weeks into lactation were used, 10 per treatment using a random block design in Trials A and S, whilst 24, six per treatment, were used in a crossover design in Trial C. The supplementation of maize silage by urea resulted in significantly lower (P < 0,05) dry matter intakes, resulting in significantly lower (P < 0,05) milk yields for the urea treatments.







Keywords: dry matter intakes, Maize silage, milk yield, natural protein, urea.
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