The voluntary feed intake of three breeds of sheep on natural pasture

Author: E.A.N. Engels, A. Malan and M.A. Baard
Year: 1974
Issue: 1
Volume: 4
Page: 27 - 29

A comparative study on voluntary feed intake during different months of the year under natural grazing conditions, was conducted with three sheep breeds namely, the Merino, S. Afr. Mutton Merino and Dorper. The selective grazing behaviour of the Merino and Dorper was also investigated. It was found that the feed intake per metabolic size of the Merino, was with the exception of one month, consistently higher than that of the Dorper although the differences were not always statistically significant. The feed intake of the Merino and S. Afr. Mutton Merino differed significantly during one month only. The differences in chemical composition and in vitro digestibility of plant material selected by the Merino and the Dorper, were not significant.

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