Use of apple pomace in animal feed as an antioxidant of meat

Author: A.D. Alarcon-Rojo, V. Lucero, L. Carrillo-Lopez & H. Janacua
Year: 2019
Issue: 1
Volume: 49
Page: 131 - 139

The experiment was aimed to evaluate the effects of dietary inclusion of fermented apple pomace (FAP) in lamb diet on physicochemical and lipid oxidation of meat during storage at 4 °C. Twenty-four crossbred sheep were randomly assigned to two experimental diets with or without 11% (dry matter basis) FAP for 56 d. The lambs were then slaughtered, and the longissimus dorsi muscle was removed 24 hours after slaughter to measure meat quality. The inclusion of FAP in the diet of sheep did not change lightness and redness of meat, but greater yellowness was observed with increased storage time. Diet did not have any influence on the pH, water-holding capacity (WHC), drip loss (DL) and shear force of meat. Storage time increased yellowness and tenderization of meat. Oxidation of lipids in stored meat from sheep that were fed FAP was lower than that in the control group. It is concluded that the use of fermented apple pomace in the diet of sheep decreased meat oxidation during storage, without affecting other quality characteristics of the meat.

Keywords: diet, fermented, longissimus dorsi, sheep, storage
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