Verband tussen prestasiemetings en veilingspryse van Veldmerinoramme (Kort mededeling)

Author: D.G. Poggenpoel
Year: 1989
Issue: 1
Volume: 19
Page: 50 - 54

Relationship between performance measurements and auction prices of Veld Merino rams.



Merino rams for veld ram clubs are received at the age of six months and then raised on natural grazing. At the age of one year, with six months wool growth, they are performance tested and six months later sold at an auction. The auction prices of rams of three of the existing nine clubs are compared with their measured performances. For each individual, a selection index is estimated from a combination of its weighted measurements of body mass, clean-fleece mass, fibre diameter and fold score. The selection index showed the highest correlation (0,48) with auction price, followed by body mass index (0,38) and clean fleece index (0,28). In a linear regression analysis the selection index accounted for 23% of the variation in auction price, the selection index and body mass index for 28%, the selection index, body mass index and fold score index for 31 %, and all seven performance measurements for only 34%. Consequently there are other factors, other than performance measurements, that have a major influence on auction prices. Performance testing nearer to the date of the auction, will probably give better correlation values.

Keywords: Auction prices, merino veld rams, performance testing
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