Verband tussen reproduksie, produksie en gedrag by Angorabokooie

Author: G. Marincowitz
Year: 1971
Issue: 1
Volume: 1
Page: 73 - 76

Relation between reproduction, production and behaviour in Angora goat does:

Simple and partial correlation coefficients were determined between certain reproductive, productive and behavioural properties of Angora goat does kept under penned conditions for a period of four years. Highly significant positive values existed in both simple and partial correlations between body mass directly after shearing and scoured fleece mass, hair diameter. oestrous cycles, breeding performance and agonistic behaviour. Body mass was the most important factor regulating reproduction, production and behaviour. Fleece mass and hair diameter showed highly significantly simple correlations with reproductive performance. Negative correlation coefficients were established between hair medullation and reproductive and also behavioural characteristics. Highly significant correlations were found between hair diameter and hair medullation and between hair diameter and fleece mass.


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