Vleisproduksie met die Jerseymoer as basis. 1. Die produksiepotensiaal van Jerseykoeie onder ekstensiewe toestande

Author: A.H. Mentz, W.A. Coetzer, J.A. Vermeulen & J.E. Coetzee
Year: 1974
Issue: 2
Volume: 4
Page: 197 - 201

Beef  production with the Jersey dam as basis.  1. The production potential of jersey cows under extensive conditions

During a five year period, an average of 87 Jersey cows and heifers were evaluated for the production of weaners under extensive conditions. Different types of beef breed bulls were used for the production of the crossbred progeny. It was found that the Jersey dam adapted herself quite satisfactorily under these conditions as she maintained a high level of fertility and produced a large amount of calf mass per unit of dam mass. It was apparent, however, that Jersey cows failed to achieve a long productive life under such conditions due to the high rate of wear of their incisor teeth.


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