Whole maize versus ground maize in fattening diets for beef steers (Short communications)

Author: J.P. Campher and T. Shelby, H.H. Meissner and N. Janse van Rensburg
Year: 1983
Issue: 4
Volume: 13
Page: 262 - 264

Two groups of nine animals each, were fed either a conventional diet based on ground maize or whole maize and roughage protein – additive – mineral pellets in a cafeteria system. Both groups were fed ad libitum for a period of 105 days. No statistically significant differences could be found between the groups in any of the feedlot parameters used to evaluate growth and efficiency. An interesting protein-sparing effect was found on the free-choice whole maize and pellets cafeteria system, as opposed to the conventional diet or NRC recommendations.


Keywords: beef steers, fattening diets, feeding system, Maize
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