Balance study on sheep fed with beet molasses solubles

Author: B.F. Kania, G. Kulasek, H. Leonowicz, R. Krzeminski, M. Leontowicz & E. Sobczak
Year: 1983
Issue: 1
Volume: 13
Page: 21 - 22

A balance study was carried out to investigate digestibility and retention of major nutrients in wethers fed rations in which condensed beet molasses solubles (CBS) formed 27% of the dietary DM. Results showed that CBS contained 8,3 MJ of ME and 19 g ruminal degradable protein-nitrogen and should be included in rations containing components with high ME contents. CBS with sugar beet pulp and hay in the ratio 27:57:16 on a DM basis stimulated crude fibre digestibility. The adverse effect of high levels of potassium can be offset by the inclusion of 10 g MgO per kg CBS.



Keywords: allantoin excretion, beet molasses solubles, digestibility, magnesium absorption, magnesium supplementation, nitrogen retention, sheep
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