Cane molasses and NaOH-treated bagacillo diets for lambs

Author: C.F. Chicco, G. Garcia, C. Fernandez & C.R. Prays
Year: 1983
Issue: 1
Volume: 13
Page: 18 - 20

The effect of alkali-treated bagacillo in diets varying in proportion of bagacillo and molasses was studied in lambs. The bagacillo was treated with a concentrated solution of NaOH in a horizontal drum-type mixer to give a final concentration of 6% NaOH in the processed material with a 20% moisture content. ADG and feed efficiency were higher on the treated than on the untreated bagacillo diets. For all cell wall constituents, especially hemicellulose, digestibility was greater for the NaOH-treated when compared with the untreated bagacillo diets. Lambs fed the treated diets also had an increased N retention. The superior performance of lambs fed the treated bagacillo diets could be accounted for by an increase in intake and digestibility.





Keywords: digestibility, feed conversion, nitrogen retention, Sugar cane bagasse, Sugar NaOH treatment
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