Commercial ostrich farming in Botswana

Author: E.Z. Mushi, J.F.W. Isa, R.G. Chabo, L. Moodisa and P. Kono
Year: 1999
Issue: 3
Volume: 29
Page: 262 - 266

According to the returns to the Department of Animal health and Production in December 1996 there were only 10 registered ostrich farms in Botswana with a total of 4305 ostriches kept. Ostriches of all ages were kept and the juveniles, 3 to 12 months formed the largest group at 38.4% followed by the breeding birds at 31.6%. The farms were widely distributed throughout the country and Lobatse district had the highest number with three farms. Most of the farms had less than 200 birds and there was only one farm with more than 1000 ostriches.

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