Derivation of economic values for the Simmentaler breed in South Africa

Author: J.F. Kluyts, F.W.C. Neser and M.J. Bradfield
Year: 2007
Issue: 2
Volume: 37
Page: 107 - 121

The purpose of this paper was to derive economic values for beef production, carcass quality and fitness traits for the Simmentaler breed in Southern Africa. Income was partitioned between weaners, surplus heifers and cull cows. Expenses were calculated for all classes and included feed cost, husbandry cost and marketing cost. Economic values were derived as partial derivatives of the profit equation. Results emphasised the relative importance of fertility. Economic values, expressed per genetic standard deviation in South African Rand per cow, corrected with the discounted gene flow method are, 25.57, 15.21, -13.95 and -69.29 for weaning weight direct, weaning weight maternal, heifer sale weight (at 600 days) and mature cow weight, 20.96, 0.39, -3.52 and 0.18 for dressing percentage, backfat thickness, tenderness and marbling as well as 18.98, -93.82, 1.08 and 1.15 for calving rate, days-to-calving, calving-ease (direct) and calving-ease (maternal), respectively.

Keywords: beef cattle, breeding objectives, discounted gene flow
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