Proposed economic selection indices for the Simmentaler breed in South Africa

Author: J.F. Kluyts, F.W.C. Neser and M.J. Bradfield
Year: 2007
Issue: 2
Volume: 37
Page: 122 - 131

The development of economic selection indices for an integrated Simmentaler production system was described. The breeding objective was defined in terms of production-, functional- and product quality traits. Criteria included in the total index were birth- and weaning weight (direct and maternal), final weight, mature cow weight, days-to-calving, backfat thickness, tenderness and marbling. The total merit index was termed as IT = – 1.60 BWD – 1.95 BWM + 2.23 WWD + 1.75 WWM – 0.54 FW – 2.01 MCW – 13.21 CD + 4.97 BF – 2.36 T + 12.66 M. The correlation between this index and the aggregate breeding objective was 0.988. The economic superiority of the progeny from the top 40% of animals selected on their ranking in the total index, relative to the average progeny, is expected to be R 119.51.

Keywords: : Growth, beef cattle, breeding objectives, functional traits, product quality
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