Die invloed van monensin op doeltreffendheid van voeromset, karkaseienskappe en die voorkoms van koksidiose by lammers

Author: B.G.J. van Vuuren en J.W. Nel
Year: 1983
Issue: 2
Volume: 13
Page: 87 - 90

The effect of monensin on the efficiency of feed conversion, carcass traits and the occurrence of coccidiosis in lambs.

Twenty crossbred lambs, approximately one-month old, were allotted to two treatments according to body mass and sex. One group received monensin (15 mg/head/day) in their creep feed, while the other group served as a control. The trial lasted 14 weeks and the lambs were weaned after 8 weeks. Monensin raised live mass gain, carcass mass gain and feed conversion efficiency while feed intake was lowered. Coccidial oocyst counts in the faeces were significantly (P 0,05) lowered, while monensin had no effect on the taste of the meat and left no residue in the meat.


Keywords: coccidiosis, feed efficiency, lambs, Monensin
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