Die invloed van stikstofbemesting op die opbrengs en voedingswaarde van Eragrostis curvula-hooi

Author: A.J. van Heerden, J.W. Nel en P. Mellet
Year: 1974
Issue: 2
Volume: 4
Page: 109 - 112

The effect of nitrogen fertilization on the yield and feeding value of Eragrostis curvula hay:

Twenty-eight fistulated Merino wethers were used to investigate the feeding value of fertilized E. curvula. The different grasses were grown after fertilization with nitrogen varying from 40 to 320 kg N/ha and a constant level of 35 kg P/ha. Results obtained showed that dry matter yield increased from 2,85 to 12,92 metric tons/ha over the range of fertilization. Protein content, nitrogen intake and nitrogen digestibility showed a significant (P <0,01) increase while voluntary intake, intake per metabolic size, live mass, energy content and feeding value as measured by feeding value index, did not differ significantly between the different rates of fertilization.

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