Die vitamien A-status van beeste op Elsenburg

Author: J.J. Erasmus en F.J. van der Merwe
Year: 1974
Issue: 2
Volume: 4
Page: 103 - 107

The vitamin a-status of cattle at Elsenburg

The B-carotene concentrations in feeds and feed mixtures used for calf- and heifer feeding were determined and a survey of the B-carotene and vitamin A concentrations in the plasma and livers of calves and replacement heifers was initiated. The results obtained with calves reared on an early weaning system showed a rather low vitamin A status and a positive response in growth and feed conversion was obtained with the inclusion of 10% milled lucerne hay instead of 10% milled oat hay.  The vitamin A concentration in the plasma of calves and heifers reared for herd replacements was found to be satisfactory when compared to critical values reported in the literature.

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