Die invloed van verskillende peile van Ca en P op die Mg-metabolisme by skape

Author: J.W. Nel
Year: 1976
Issue: 1
Volume: 6
Page: 11 - 16

The influence of different levels of Ca and P upon Mg metabolism in sheep:

Nine treatments of CaoP0, Car,Pr, Pd, Cad, (CaP)r, Cadpr (CAP)d and CarPd (o = no supplementation; r = to the rumen and d = to the duodenum) were applied on five sheep during nine periods. The Mg retention was generally negative in spite of adequate dietary Mg. The mean apparent absorption was found to be 33,8%. Poor utilization of Mg must therefore be responsible for the general negative retentions. Treatments Car and CaoPo resulted in higest percentage of Mg absorption but also in the highest percentage of urinary excretion.


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