Die invloed van voedingspeil op die reaksie van kortgeskeerde Angora en Boerbokke tydens blootstelling aan koue (Kort mededelin

Author: T.J. Fourie, J.F.K. Marais & T. Erasmus
Year: 1986
Issue: 4
Volume: 16
Page: 224 - 226




The influence of feeding level on the response of shorn Angora and Boer goats to cold exposure:

The effect of nutritional level of shorn Angora and Boer goats on heat production, rectal and skin temperature as well as blood glucose levels was monitored constantly during exposure to dry, cold (20 °C – 4 °C) followed by simulated wet, windy conditions at 4 °C. Heat production increased with continuous exposure to adverse conditions. Well-fed goats took longer to collapse than goats on sub-maintenance rations. Boer goats withstood adverse conditions better than Angora goats. Blood glucose levels increased in all the goats after the initiation of wet, windy conditions, but decreased steadily until goats collapsed at rectal temperatures of 32 °C in the two Angora goats and 33 °C in one Boer goat. The well-fed Boer goat did not collapse but was still comfortable after 10 h exposure to extreme

Keywords: Angora and Boer goats, blood glucose level, cold exposure, oxygen uptake, rectal temperature
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