The effect of concentrate in meal- or pellet form on milk, protein and butterfat production of Friesian cows receiving Kikuyu gr

Author: W.A. Smith & H.J. Heydenrych
Year: 1986
Issue: 4
Volume: 16
Page: 226 - 228

The effect of the physical form (meal or pellets) of a dairy concentrate, with kikuyu grazing and oat silage as roughage sources, on milk, protein and butterfat production of Friesian cows was investigated. Twelve comparable Friesian cows from the same herd that all calved within 20 days were randomly divided into two groups. Production parameters were measured in three phases: both groups receiving concentrate meal; one group receiving concentrate meal and the other concentrate pellets; and both groups receiving concentrate meal. All production differences were tested according to standard t-test procedures. The only production difference was found during the second phase when the group receiving the concentrate pellets produced 10% less butterfat than the group receiving concentrate meal (P < 0,05).



Keywords: dairy concentrate pellets, Low butterfat syndrome
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