Die optimum insluitingspeil van sonneblomoliekoekmeel en lisien in varkgroeidiëte

Author: F.K. Siebrits, E.H. Kemm en M.N. Ras
Year: 1980
Issue: 1
Volume: 10
Page: 31 - 36

The optimal inclusion rate of sunflower oilcake meal and lysine in pig growth diets:

Thirty-five diets (7 inclusion rates of sunflower oilcake meal between 15 and 33 percent, each with 5 lysine levels between 0,68 and 0,85 percent), consisting of sunflower oilcake meal, maize meal and synthetic L-lysine together with the necessary minerals and vitamins were fed to 35 Landrace X Large White boars. The pigs were housed separately and had ad lib access to the diets from an age of 8 weeks up to a live mass of about 50 kg. The inclusion rate varying from 15 to 33% of sunflower oilcake meal, when fed at a similar lysine level, had no significant effect upon growth rate or efficiency of energy utilization. Increased lysine levels, however, improved both growth rate and the utilization efficiency of energy.

Keywords: lysine, Pig growth diets, Sunflower oilcake meal
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