Effect of bamboo (Phyllostachys pubescens) extract on broiler chickens under cold stress

Author: Xingyong Chen, Runshen Jiang, Xuede Li, Yongde Yue & Zhaoyu Geng
Year: 2011
Issue: 1
Volume: 41
Page: 57 - 62

The objective of the study was to establish whether powdered bamboo extract (BFRE) as a feed additive for chickens was effective in maintaining body weight gain and serum enzymatic activity when birds are exposed to cold stress. Broiler Huainan partridge chickens (4 weeks old), fed a diet containing powdered BFRE (0.3 g/kg) for one week, showed significant weight gains compared to the control. Subsequently, the chickens were exposed to low temperatures (15 or 10 °C) for one week with or without BFRE addition. After one week of exposure to 15 or 10 °C, serum enzymatic activities were recorded. Chickens not receiving BFRE and exposed to 10 °C showed a significant decrease in the body weight gain and in serum creatine kinase, lactic dehydrogenase L and alanine aminotransferase activities, whereas the activity of these enzymes changed to a lesser extent in chickens receiving BFRE. However, body weight gains were maintained within the normal range when the ambient temperature was 10 °C. In conclusion, BFRE was an effective additive in preventing chickens from losing body weight during cold stress, and in fluctuations in serum enzymatic activity when exposed to cold stress. The results suggest that powdered BFRE is an effective additive in minimizing the negative effects of cold stress in broiler chickens.

Keywords: Huainan partridge chicken, powdered bamboo extract, serum enzymatic activity, weight gain
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