Effect of supplementation on the digestibility of roughage diets

Author: N.A. Todorov, E. Zagdsuren, R. Tserendulam & C. Badam
Year: 1983
Issue: 1
Volume: 13
Page: 13 - 16

Supplementation of low quality Mongolian hay and barley straw with urea, minerals and a small quantity (11 – 14% of total DM) of easily digestible carbohydrate had a positive influence on in vivo digestibility, increasing the net energy value of the low quality roughages by up to 34%. The rumen ammonia concentration was maintained above the critical level by the recycling of N to the rumen. Supplementation with a concentrate increased the retention time of hay in the digestive tract when compared with feeding hay alone. NaOH-treatment of barley straw increased the digestibility and rate of passage through the digestive tract.

Keywords: digestibility, easily degradable carbohydrates, Minerals, nitrogen, rate of passage, Supplementation
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