Evaluation of crop residues as feeds for goats. Part 1. Voluntary intakes, digestibility and nitrogen utilization of groundnut a

Author: J.A. Ayoade, P.E. Makhambera & M.Z. Bodzalekani
Year: 1983
Issue: 1
Volume: 13
Page: 12 - 13

Groundnut and bean haulms were evaluated as feeds for indigenous Malawian goats. Generally, the results showed that the nutrients in the bean haulms were better digested and utilized by the goats than those in the groundnut haulms. However, provided that adequate amounts of both feeds are available, the goats can satisfy their requirements for dry matter intake and digestible crude protein.



Keywords: bean haulms, digestibility, groundnut haulms, Malawian goats, nitrogen utilization, voluntary intake
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