Gars as alternatiewe energiebron vir mielies in diëte vir groeiende varke

Author: N.M. Kritzinger & R.C. Olckers
Year: 1985
Issue: 2
Volume: 15
Page: 47 - 51

Barley as an alternative energy source for maize in diets for growing pigs. Barley was evaluated as an alternative energy source for maize in diets for growing pigs in a digestion and growth trial. Chemical composition of various barley samples from different localities showed large variation, particularly in respect of crude protein content, which may complicate diet formulations in which this commodity is used. Digestibility figures for the various nutrient components of locally produced barley, however, are in close agreement with those reported for barley in European countries. Four growth diets, formulated so that a basal maize-based diet was gradually substituted by a barley-based diet to contain identical protein, lysine, and ME contents, were individually fed ad libitum to 96 Landrace x Large White pigs (48 boars and 48 gilts) over the livemass intervals 20 – 50 and 50 – 90 kg. Average daily gain and feed conversion ratio were determined for each pig for the different mass intervals, while individual carcass measurements were taken after slaughtering at 90 kg livemass. Diet composition had no significant effect on the average daily gain over the two mass intervals studied. Animals receiving the barley-based diet performed as well as those receiving the maize-based diet. Feed conversion ratio, however, tended to be adversely affected by increasing barley levels, although the differences were small and non-significant. Carcass quality in terms of fat thickness and eye muscle area was not significantly affected, while dressing percentage was significantly (P 0,05) decreased by increasing barley levels.



Keywords: energiebron, Gars, varkdiëte
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