Synchronization of oestrus in the Boer goat doe: The response to the use of intravaginal progestagen and PMSG

Author: J.P.C. Greyling, C.H. van Niekerk & J.A.N. Grobbelaar
Year: 1985
Issue: 2
Volume: 15
Page: 52 - 55

The effect of different periods (12, 14, 16 or 18 days) of intravaginal progestagen treatment (MAP) and PMSG (300 IU) on synchronization of oestrus in Boer goat does was investigated. No significant difference in oestrous response, follicular activity, ovulation rate, and time of ovulation was observed between the different periods of intravaginal progestagen treatment. The interval from sponge withdrawal to oestrus was significantly longer in the 14-day (P<0,01) and 16-day (P<0,05) treatment groups, when compared to the 18-day treatment group. Ovulation occurred in all treatment groups on average 31,0 hours after the onset of oestrus. The mean ovulation rate for all the treatment groups was 1,4 ovulations/doe.



Keywords: goats, oestrus, ovulation, PMSG, progestagen, synchronization
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