Genetic and phenotypic parameters of pelt traits in a Karakul control flock

Author: J.C. Greeff, A.S. Faure, GJ. Minnaar and S.J. Schoeman
Year: 1991
Issue: 3
Volume: 21
Page: 156 - 161

Genetic parameters of 16 pelt traits and birth mass were calculated in a Karakul control flock (n = 2058; rams = 305) with a half-sib analysis. Moderately high heritabilities were estimated for pelt traits. No antagonistic genetic correlation was found between pattern and hair quality. The genetic correlations between pattern and pelt traits were lower than those estimated for hair quality and the other pelt traits. The expected correlated response from selection for hair quality may be a decrease in the occurrence of brittle hair, hair thickness, metallic, skin thickness, occurrence of feathers, hair stiffness and an increase in hair length, lustre and curl breadth. Selection for pattern may result in a decrease in bandedness, a slight increase in lustre and in the occurrence of feathers, and a moderate decrease in curl type and hair length. Genetic estimates obtained in this study are compared with previous estimates obtained in Karakul sheep.

Keywords: genetic and phenotypic parameters, Karakul, pelt traits
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