Hoëvet-weipoeier in kalfmelkvervangers: (a) Verteerbaarheid en benutting van nutriente

Author: W.P. Henning
Year: 1982
Issue: 1
Volume: 12
Page: 21 - 27

The optimum level of inclusion of high fat whey (HFW) in calf milk replacers was investigated. In a set of 9 treatments 45 Friesian bull calves( 5 per treatment) were randomly allocated and subjected to a digestion-balance tr al. A protein rich starter concentrate (28% CP) was freely available. The digestibility and the utilization of the different nutrients were determined. The digestibility of the total DM, decreased (P ≤0,01) from 88.9 to 85,2%, milk replacer DM, (P ≤ 0,01) from 90,4 to 85,2% and N, (P ≤ 0,01) from 83,5 to 76% for the 50 and 70% HFW inclusion levels respectively. The general decrease in digestibilities and utilization of nutrients, especially when HFW exceeded the 60% inclusion level, possibly indicated the optimum HFW inclusion level in calf milk replacers without further protein supplementation.

Keywords: calves, high fat whey powder, milk replacer
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